Symmetric vs Asymmetric Encryption [Part 01]: Understanding the Differences
In the previous article series, we discussed the encryption and decryption processes. We know that encryption plays a crucial role in securing sensitive information from unauthorized access. In this article, we’ll look at the two fundamental methods of encryption : symmetric and asymmetric. The main difference between symmetric and asymmetric encryption is the usage of […]
Introduction to Encryption [Part 02] : Understanding the Basics – Use Cases
In the previous article Part 01, we covered the theories about encryption and decryption. But just learning theories without understanding use cases is useless. So the focus of this article is to explain why we need encryption, and what will happen without it. In a world without Encryption… Meet Alice and Bob. Alice has a […]
Introduction to Encryption [Part 01] : Understanding the Basics
In today’s digital era, where vast information is stored and transmitted across networks, safeguarding data is crucial. Data breaches can cause serious problems from financial losses to reputational damages. Encryption is key to keeping digital data secure. By implementing encryption techniques the right way, we can protect sensitive data from unauthorized access, a facet commonly […]
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