Webex to Zoom Migration
Struggling with Webex to Zoom Migration?
Migrating can be tough, especially when it comes to keeping your data safe. We transfer users, all kinds of chats, members, and files seamlessly to Zoom. Let us handle the hard part, so you can switch to Zoom with zero stress.
Steps Of The Migration
Step 1
Migrate Webex Users to
Step 2
Migrate Webex Spaces,Space Members and
Direct Chats to Zoom
Step 3
Migrate Webex Messages and
attachment to zoom (Optional)
Migration With Webex Export Files
How To Share?
  • Add the exported chat files to a bucket in your Cloud Storage (GCP)
  • Give access to codimite development account
What can be exported?
  • Messages - Message content posted into a space (Team, Group, One-on-One).
  • Events - When a user joins or leaves a space
  • Files Shares - Files shared in a space and snapshots created of whiteboards.
Who Can Request Data Export?
  • A Webex User with Compliance officer role.
  • Uninterrupted migration
  • No involvement of the employees
  • Only 500 users can be included per report.
  • Identifying the Spaces within a Team in an export report is challenging unless clear naming conventions have been used.
Migration With Webex APIs
What Data Can Be Retrieved
  • All the Users in your organization
  • Get Teams to which the authenticated
    user belongs
  • Messages - Message content posted into
    a space (Team, Group, One-on-One)
  • Uninterrupted migration
  • No involvement of the employees
  • Realtime updates can be retrieved
  • API Rate Limits
  • To get all user information, admin-level
    account is required.
  • Retrieving Team, Space, and Direct chats
    for individual users via API needs user- level authentication.
Privacy And Security
If you choose to migrate using extracted files, we recommend storing them in a cloud storage solution that you own and control. You will grant Codimite migration services temporary access to retrieve the data for the migration to Zoom.
Codimite will not retain any copies of your data after the migration is complete. Once the migration is successful, you can revoke Codimite’s access to your cloud storage.
When using our API migration method, your data will be transferred directly from your current platform to Zoom through an automated process. This eliminates the need for any human interaction with your data.
Codimite takes data security very seriously.
All data transferred during the migration process, including administrator and user account details, emails, access tokens, Webex Space mappings, and member mappings, is protected with robust AES-256 encryption
How Codimite Support Works
Checklist With Migration Steps
Daily/Weekly Progress Update Reports
24/7 Support During and After Migration
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