Team to Zoom Migration
Worried About Migrating from Teams to Zoom?
Migrating can be tough, especially when it comes to keeping your data safe. We transfer users, all kinds of chats, members, and files seamlessly to Zoom. Let us handle the hard part, so you can switch to Zoom with zero stress.
What We Need To Get Started
An Administrator Account Inms Teams To Fetch Data
An Administrator Account In Zoom To Upload Data
Steps Of The Migration
Step 1
Migrate MS Teams Users to
Step 2
Migrate Teams Channels, Groups with
Members to Zoom
Step 3
Migrate Chats (Direct, Group, Team Channel) to Zoom
Privacy And Security
No Human Interaction
There will be no human interaction with your data files. They will be moved from one platform to another using an automated service.
No Data Storage
We wil not store any of the Teams data transferred during the migration.
Data Security
All sensitive user data will be protected in transit andat rest during the migration process with robust encryption algorithms (AES-256).
How Codimite Support Works
Checklist With Migration Steps
Daily/Weekly Progress Update Reports
24/7 Support During and after Migration
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