Codimite as your Technology Partner,
All-in to solve your business challenges.
Servers are time intensive to set up, run and maintain; we'll handle validators for you, including enterprise-grade custody of tokens.
Building Blocks For Your Next Web3-Native Project
Run non-EVM (Ethereum Virtual Machine) chains, private chains, network-tolerant chains. We'll spin up validators and create subnets that power your specific use cases. Follow transactions and users on the blockchain ledgers, with our ETL pipeline. How are NFTs you minted performing? (Revenue Analysis, Demand Forecasting, ROIs)
Private B2B Blockchains
Blockchains for brand safety, patient confidentiality, or just for kids.
Fully KYC'D Blockchains
Real estate REITs become a possibility; banks, hedge funds and family offices can now participate in DeFi..
Web3 Analytics & Users Segmentation
Which category of users are active in Web3 on other platforms, but not your own?.
Fedramp Blockchain
Private government blockchains where all validators run out of FedRamp High compliant clouds (GovCloud).
Enable play-to-earn or player-to-player transactions in your game
Closed Loop Supply Chain Subnet
Connecting manufacturers, transporters, wharehouses and retails together.
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