Awurudu Celebration at Codimite

We, at Codimite celebrated Awurudu on April 28th, 2024, at the iconic Galle Face Hotel. It was a vibrant and joyous event. The celebration, held on a sunny Sunday, brought together everyone dressed in traditional attire, adding to the festive atmosphere. As sounds of the raban playing filled the air, the ceremonial oil lamp was lit, marking the beginning of our festive celebrations.

The morning began with delicious traditional breakfast from Fab, featuring an array of Kawili. The feast included milk rice, spicy luni miris, katta sambal, konda kavum, mun kavum, kokis, and a variety of other traditional sweets that perfectly set the tone for the day.

Following breakfast, the excitement ramped up with classic Awurudu games and Everyone eagerly took part in “Banis Kama”, “Goni Race”, “Kanna Mutti”, "Kotta Pora", “Pani Babare” and "Onchillawa". The laughter and camaraderie were infectious, making the morning unforgettable.

Lunch was another highlight, with an array of delectable options. The standout dish was the mango sago, a creamy and refreshing dessert that left a lasting impression on everyone.

Post-lunch, more traditional games ensued, including the “Find The Coin In Flour”, “Blindfolded Yoghurt Feeding”, “Kamba Adeema”, “Aliyata Asa Thibeema”, and the challenging “Dehi Gediya Spoon Race”. The “Egg-Throwing” game added an extra layer of fun and messiness to the day.

As the afternoon heat took its toll, a refreshing snack of iced coffee and rainbow cake provided much-needed relief. This break allowed everyone to recharge and enjoy a sweet treat amidst the bustling activities.

The celebration concluded with the Awurudu Kumara and Kumariya contest. Attendees voted by writing their choices on paper, adding an element of suspense. The two lucky winners received vouchers for a dinner for two at Galle Face Hotel, while all game winners were delighted with chocolates as prizes.

The Codimite Awurudu celebration was a day filled with tradition, fun, and delicious food, creating cherished memories for everyone involved. As we said our goodbyes, we left with hearts full of gratitude and anticipation for the next celebration, knowing that these moments of joy and togetherness are what truly matter. Here's to many more wonderful celebrations that bring us closer together.

Vinuri Senarathna
Associate HR Executive
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