At Codimite, Gemini is at the heart of our development strategy. We consistently integrate Gemini into our projects, enhancing our development quality and improving the customer experience. The use of these AI technologies allows us to deliver solutions that meet the dynamic needs of our clients.
Who we are?
We are a AI-assisted development company with a combined 20+ years of experience building and develoloping integrations and applications to solve problems.
100+ employees based in Singapore, Sri Lanka,USA
$Millions in Annual Revenue
Numerous repeat clients across the US, including leading private and public sector organizations.
A Certified Google Cloud Service Partner
Our Expertise and Certifications
SOC Certified
Ensuring the highest standards in security and data
management across all services.
Google Cloud Certified Engineers
Skilled software engineers with expertise in Google Cloud
ISTQB Certified QA Team
Quality Assurance professionals ensuring best practices in software testing.
Scrum Certified BAs and PMs
Business Analysts and Project Managers with Scrum Product Owner certifications,enhancing agile project management.
IIBA Certified Business Analysts
Business Analysts accredited by IIBA,ensuring top-tier analysis
AI-Assisted Development Efforts
Our development process is augmented by the integration of advanced AI-assisted technologies.
By adopting AIassisted development tools, we achieve more with less, save costs for our customers,
and significantly enhance overall productivity.
Our AI Powered Applications
Google Chrip for Call Centers
We generate transcriptions of calls received by call center agents to ensure they have all necessary information readily available.This helps agents conduct smoother calls and deliver a superior user experience.
Automatically transcribe calls to provide agents with immediate access to detailed call content.
Generate recommended FAQs and responses based on call transcriptions to aid agents in addressing customer queries efficiently.
Assess customer satisfaction,behavior, and engagement during calls to gain insights into overall customer experience.
Laptop Image
Laptop Image
Gemini Powered QA Tool
Our in-house Gemini Powered QA tool assists our quality assurance team by automating repetitive tasks and providing additional support to enhance efficiency.
Automatically create test cases using user stories.
Offer support for debugging failed test cases to enhance troubleshooting efficiency..
Provide explanations and contextual details for each test case to improve understanding and clarity..
Smart Schedular
Our Smart Scheduler is an AI-powered tool designed to enhance business interactions by efficiently managing communication with potential Leads
Utilizes AI to initiate and manage conversations and schedule appointments with leads.
Capable of canceling and rescheduling appointments as needed.
Allow admins to monitor conversations in real time, ensuring transparency and immediate oversight.
Laptop Image
Laptop Image
Issue Analyzer
Our issue Analyzer is tools design to optimize the customer support process by automatically identifying and categorizing issues reported by customers.
Detects issues reported by customers and categories them based on severity and type.
For complex issues requiring development intervention, the Al accesses the codebase, pinpointing the problem, and suggesting solutions. potential fixes to development.
For general inquiries or clarification needs, the tool automatically provides appropriate responses to customers.
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